Find a partner to work with

The Integration Foundation supports cooperation between national cultural societies and collectives, communication between cultures and the organisation of joint events.

Are you looking for a reliable partner from a different cultural background to work with in order to turn your ideas into reality?

Recommendations on finding a partner

1. Think about who the target group of your event or undertaking is. What kind of experience do you want to offer them? What kind of development potential does your event have?

2. Look for partners who have the same sort of target group and values as your event and whose everyday activities are similar to yours.

3. Think up a short but creative introduction to your event, adding pictures or videos.

4. Make an offer to a specific partner. Outline the values and objectives of your event and what links your target groups.

5. Once you’ve submitted your offer, make a follow-up call a couple of days later and agree on a time to meet. During the meeting you should focus on listening and be as flexible and open-minded as possible.

Anna Farafonova, the Head of Cooperation with the Integration Foundation, can be of help in finding the right partner.

E-mail her at or call her on +372 659 9064.